aDuLt swim


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BOOMBAP IN ITS INFINITE STATE .MoOKnEtO teams up with the Underboss FULLY G in this EPIC instant classic . HIPHOP at its finest a must have for the true heads collection


released September 27, 2014



all rights reserved


MOokneto {ANTI-RAPPER} Chicago, Illinois

supervillainous vulcan MC. SUPERPOWERS include MASTER SOUND MANIPULATION !!!! venomous word play and SICK rIdiculous DELIVERY. JOIN MOoKneTO ON HIS QWEST TO RETURN TO HIS HOME PLANET AS HE SLAYS WEAK MC's while digesting tracks RAW . FULLY G samething.

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Track Name: aDuLt swim iNtRo
Track Name: MoOkNeTo - tHe HiTcHhIkEr
Often mistook as a myth or mirage while riding shot gun in the chariots of the Gods. The African Erich von Daniken with the force of Anakin and the power of the Vatican. He enjoy space walks and time traveling and gutting rappers with thug life across the abdomen. The weak rapper incubus who writes rhymes for geniuses over the most absurd sample sequences. Do I exist or is existence meaningless. Do I improve or do I add to what was previous. Hmmm, That's a good one. His old didn't stand a chance so he took one. Give me that, ain't no way to give it back. Me without the mic, Yo I just can't picture that, at all. Your pixel too small. But if I think about it I will give you a call. Sike! Future very bright, travel very light, I do this every night. And every where. And seeing that I'm very rare. Once I take the stage you need to get up off your derriere. M double O -K Neto, sniff him. Hit em main vein with athe needle.Lethal. One dose and it's over. Eyes of an eagle with the fangs of a cobra. wreath around my neck in an all black toga. Hunnid (hundred) spoke spinners on an old school Nova. I'm Still KING of the track board, catch you on the break pin your shit to the back board. Catch me on the case, at the crib I feel the hate over seas they say I'm safe (repeat). Carbon dated to a prehistoric time, ancient hieroglyphics was one of my first rhymes. The lovely Queen Isis, one of my first dimes, And stealing the show was one of my first crimes. I was grimy back when the pyramid was shiny. Concrete speaker with a mic made of ivory. You can find me chilling by the Luxor, catch me by the Sphinx with the crowd in an Uproar. Orange, green, and purple got me snapping like a turtle, while you rappers be commercial, I be doper than a drugstore. Let me fill your prescription, Contraband. You can feel the heels of addiction. Pulp fiction. Neto Tarantino. Deadly with the pen like Pesci in Casino.U Coming up short, Danny DeVito. I'm professor X when connected to Cerebral. Out there like 8-balls and loud packs. Only option when running the wild cat. Outback, land down under. overstand the man and you will understand his hunger. From the 3rd world living in the 4th dimension. last speed warp nearly gave me hyper tension. Burn this in your Hookah. Karma Sutra
practicing the ways of Buddha. Bow Down. I'm not the humblest. Some cut the Pi. I kill MCs within circumference. Everything thing comes full circle. Don't nothing last forever cause forever got a curfew. Shut em down. Turn the power off. Can't afford the cost, had a meeting with the boss. And it ain't looking like it should. You can have a bad bitch, I need a Megan Good.Im kosher. Don't need the Heat like Spoelstra. Hear the Beat in the mic out the holster. Blazing spice it up like Cajun. Slice a rapper neck, wipe the blood on my apron. The Butcher. You got beef? We can chop it up. See you on street mutha fucka we can lock it up.
Track Name: FULLY G - aawWW BaBAe
Full Neto. Adult Swim. Chi Town. I know chick that'd a jump off. When I say jump off, when it jump off, she let them pump off, Dump off quick and split. Shit. She say it feel better than getting dick. Young kid out here working the block. He ain't got no pop. He think slanging the rocks, His only shot of getting to the top. He avoiding the cops and end up getting popped by OP. Young hoes walk around here hot, giving up that box for alcohol and a little bit of pot. Them hoes on that so they call em THOTs. It matter if you're lame or not. Got game or not. As long as you came guap. They in love with cock plus they got good stock in giving up top. Then they blame it on the alcohol like Jamie Foxx. STOP. As long as you don't blame that shit on Gee Cox. Then me and you, we can rock. Fucking with me might boost up your stocks.
Track Name: MoOkNeTo - tHeRe
you know il be there bae