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MAGNETO in a glass cell touched by rogue with no glove.........LOVE .PETER PARKER without the spider bite /SUPERMAN buried under 2 tons of KRYPTONITE /naw fellas MOOK ain't on shit tonight/ just me and the wife candle light hugged tight to her bosom like a tike on a scary night/ as i caress her head on my chest my shield weakens/ my defense becomes less intense my strength decreases/in a feeble attempt to avoid humility /he musters just enough strength to mask his vulnerability/i fear his actions may be to late to be affective /must plot escape do not break prime directive/INFECTED now he's unable to find the exit/ tapped out twice unable to break the death grip / POWERLESS / HE-MAN without his sword or LIONO completely undeniable .....POWERLESS POWERLESS. like AQUAMAN in the desert try if you want she will appreciate the effort/ i mean who doesn't want to hear a VICTORIAN secret/during the last dance of a vanglorious evening/like the HULK before he caught ray from GAMA/remind me of the time we caught THOR without his hammer/used to be a bad MAMMA JAMMA/now SHE is pulling the strings like the hands of SANTANA/the OLD MAN has no say so/He jovially responds to each and every EL NEGRO/POWERLESS like a country with out Nukes/Armies without troops/ IRONMAN without his suit/POWERLESS imagine the death of a WonderTwin/ or the extinction effect of an uncontrollable solar wind/POWERLESS/ Her spell is too strong/Poisonous perfume i've inhaled it to long.(coughing) POWERLESS


from ANTI​-​RAP CHAPTER THREE (MOOKNETO WAS RIGHT), released May 30, 2016



all rights reserved


MOokneto {ANTI-RAPPER} Chicago, Illinois

supervillainous vulcan MC. SUPERPOWERS include MASTER SOUND MANIPULATION !!!! venomous word play and SICK rIdiculous DELIVERY. JOIN MOoKneTO ON HIS QWEST TO RETURN TO HIS HOME PLANET AS HE SLAYS WEAK MC's while digesting tracks RAW . FULLY G samething.

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